Pele's Grace Moana
Step 1: Cleanse with Moana

Perfect for all skin types, the power of Mahina is brought to it’s fullest with this silky gel that removes dirt and dead skin cells.  Made from plant and natural ingredients and lavender extract, this product is best used with a grape-sized amount of product in your hand lathered up into a gentle foam and spread across your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

Aolani Product Image Pele's Grace
Step 2: Wash with Aolani

Aolani is a facial soap, which you can use to thoroughly cleanse your face, minimize your pores, and eliminate the dark spots. Aolani incorporates our unique blend of natural herbal extracts and yeast extract. It is also air dried allowing you to receive all the key benefits and nutrients your skin so desperately needs.


Step 3: Mahina Serum
Step 3: Mahina Serum

Mahina is a mild toner, free of antiseptics and preservatives. After washing your face with the two ingredients, you need to tone your skin with Mahina. It consists of proteoglycan, a component with EGF functions as well as moisturizing features.


Love, passion, gratitude and moisture.  These are the founding tenets for Pele’s Grace, a skin care company formed in Tokyo, Japan 13 years ago, by Tomomi Sato.Pele's Grace Facewash Instructionms

Named after the Goddess “Madame Pele” and inspired by Hawaiian culture and ingredients, Pele’s Grace offers a 3-step skin regimen that promotes visibly clearer, younger-looking, radiant skin.  

Step 1 in the process is MOANA, a luxurious face cleanser essential to healthy skin. MOANA is a smooth gel that contains plant-derived ingredients that remove build-up without damaging your skin.   MOANA is for all skin types and prepares your skin for the benefits of Step 3, Mahina.MOANA Instr

Meaning “fluffy-clouds” in Hawaiian, Step 2 in the 3-step process is AOLANI, a very gentle hypoallergenic soap.  With Aolani, the fine bubbles will wrap your skin gently like fluffy white clouds floating across the blue skies of Hawaii. Created without the use of petroleum-based surfactants, Aolani incorporates a unique blend of natural herbal extracts and yeast extracts that prepare your skin for the benefits of Mahina.Pele's Grace Makalani

Step 3 in the process is MAHINAMahina is a serum free of antiseptics and preservatives and contains proteoglycan (pro-tee-oh-GLY-kuhn), a component with moisturizing features.  Mahina contains nanoparticles and collagen that penetrate deep into the skin achieving visible results within a few weeks.