Pele's Grace Kakuna
Kakuna Sunblock SPF30 SPF50

Ultraviolet rays are not the only source of daily damage to your skin. Tobacco smoke, pollen, and other dirt in the air, as well as blue light emitted from smartphones, cause skin to dry before it is noticed. The new Pele’s Grace Kukuna is added with a plant moisturizing ingredient that protects the skin from daily external dry damage.

Pele's Grace Makalani
Makalani Moisturizing Cream

Pele Grace’s advanced skin care technology in “Makalani” inherits the teachings of Aka.  In Hawaiian, MAKA means “look” and LANI means “heaven”.  The roots of MAKALANI are that “Aka always watches us from heaven”.

Pele's Grace Moana
Step 1: Cleanse with Moana

Perfect for all skin types, the power of Mahina is brought to it’s fullest with this silky gel that removes dirt and dead skin cells.  Made from plant and natural ingredients and lavender extract, this product is best used with a grape-sized amount of product in your hand lathered up into a gentle foam and spread across your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

Aolani Product Image Pele's Grace
Step 2: Wash with Aolani

Aolani is a facial soap, which you can use to thoroughly cleanse your face, minimize your pores, and eliminate the dark spots. Aolani incorporates our unique blend of natural herbal extracts and yeast extract. It is also air dried allowing you to receive all the key benefits and nutrients your skin so desperately needs.


Step 3: Mahina Serum
Step 3: Mahina Serum

Mahina is a mild toner, free of antiseptics and preservatives. After washing your face with the two ingredients, you need to tone your skin with Mahina. It consists of proteoglycan, a component with EGF functions as well as moisturizing features.